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Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology Training Program


Faculty Advisors, Title, Primary Appointment (Joint Appointment) — Cardiovascular Disease Interests

Lawrence J.  Appel, MD, MPH, Professor, Medicine (Epidemiology) — Clinical trials; dietary approaches in prevention of hypertension & cardiovascular disease; ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

G Caleb Alexander, MD, MS, Associate Professor, Epidemiology (Medicine) Prescription drugs; drug utilization; drug safety; drug effectiveness; pharmacoepidemiology; pharmaceutical policy

Terri H.  Beaty, PhD, Professor, Epidemiology (Oncology) — Genetics of lipoprotein disorders (e.g. apolipoprotein B, A-1, Lp(a)); genetics of congenital heart disease; genetics of dyslipidemia and diabetes; genetic epidemiology methods

Josef Coresh, MD, PhD, Program Director, Professor, Epidemiology (Medicine, Biostatistics) — Cardiovascular risk among patients with mild to end-stage renal disease; epidemiologic methods; genetic epidemiology of diabetes and lipid disorders

Jeanne Clark, MD, MPH, FACP, Professor, Medicine (Epidemiology) — Obesity; diabetes and related conditions, including nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Sherita Hill Golden, MD, MHS, Associate Professor, Medicine (Epidemiology) — Endocrine aspects of obesity; diabetes and the multiple metabolic syndrome

Rebecca Gottesman, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Neurology — Cerebrovascular neurology and clinical research in stroke

Eliseo Guallar, MD, DrPH,
Associate Professor, Epidemiology (Medicine) — Epidemiologic methods; relation of cardiovascular disease to heavy metal exposure; fish oil intake; hypertension; meta-analysis

Wen Hong (Linda) Kao, PhD, MHS, Professor, Epidemiology — Genetics of diabetes; obesity; kidney disease

Kunihiro Matsushita, MD, PhD, Assistant Scientist, Epidemiology — Clinical cardiology and cardiovascular epidemiology; application of epidemiologic methods; treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease

Erin Michos, MD, MHS, Assistant Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine — Preventive cardiology; heart disease in women; subclinical atherosclerosis imaging

Ana Navas-Acien, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences — Environmental and cardiovascular epidemiology; epidemiologic methods; systematic reviews; biomarkers; arsenic; heavy metals; secondhand smoke

Wendy Post, MD, MS, Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine (Epidemiology) — Genetics of lipids, atherosclerosis and sudden cardiac death; measures of subclinical cardiovascular disease; successful cardiovascular aging; hypertension

Naresh Punjabi, MD, PhD, Professor, Medicine (Epidemiology) — Pulmonary epidemiology; sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease; air pollution and cardiovascular disease

Jodi Segal, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Medicine — Pharmacoepidemiology; comparative effectiveness research including evidence based review; advanced methods for using observational data; evaluation of diagnostic tests, diabetes, venous thrombosis and blood disorders

Elizabeth Selvin, PhD, MPH, Program Co-Director, Associate Professor, Epidemiology (Medicine) — Cardiovascular disease and diabetes epidemiology; peripheral arterial disease; hemoglobin A1c; diagnosis and screening

A. Richey Sharrett, MPH, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology — Atherosclerosis; inflammation; peripheral vascular disease

Moyses Szklo, MD, DrPH, Professor, Epidemiology (Medicine) — Cardiovascular disease epidemiology; principle investigator of MESA study

Associated JHMI Faculty with Cardiovascular Disease Research Interests