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Master of Public Health

Health in Crisis and Humanitarian Assistance

The MPH concentration in Health in Crisis and Humanitarian Assistance focuses on health of populations in crisis, internationally and domestically. These include refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), populations affected by natural and human-made disasters, victims of human rights abuse, and trafficked women and children. The coursework will focus on why populations become vulnerable and the health issues they face. Emphasis will be on gaining expertise in methods to assess needs and provide assistance to displaced populations and other vulnerable groups.

Competencies Gained

Course of Study

All concentration students are required to complete the following two courses, totaling 4 credits:
221.613Introduction to Humanitarian Emergencies2 credits1st term
221.641Measurement Methods in Humanitarian Emergencies2 credits2nd term
Concentrators are required to take at least 9 credits from the following courses:
221.639Refugee Health Care3 credits2nd term [Internet - 1st term]
380.750Migration and Health: Concepts, Rates, and Relationships3 credits3rd term
180.670Introduction to Public Health Emergency Preparedness3 credits4th term
221.634Stress Management for Relief Workers2 credits3rd term
221.643Armed Conflict and Health2 credits3rd term
221.611Food/Nutrition and Livelihood in Humanitarian Emergencies2 credits4th term
221.642Mental Health Aspects of Disaster: Public Health Preparedness and Response2 credits4th term
340.639Assessing Epidemiologic Impact of Human Rights Violations2 credits4th term
221.640Children in Crisis: Asset-based Approach to Working with Vulnerable Youth3 credits3rd term
Remaining Concentration Credits may be obtained from the following courses
221.608Managing Non-Governmental Organizations in the Health Sector *3 credits3rd term
221.614International Political Science for Public Health Practitioners2 credits2 term
221.661Project Development for Primary Health Care in Developing Countries4 credits4th term
221.616Ethics of Public Health Practice in Developing Countries2 credits4th term [Internet - 4th term]

*Also fulfills MPH core requirement.

Capstone Experience

The MPH Capstone Experience is an opportunity for students to integrate concentration issues with various public health skills and competencies gained through the year. Students will work individually or in small groups, and with the support and advice of a capstone advisor, to develop specific projects or concepts. Students are required to register for the 2-credit MPH Capstone Course (XXX.800) in the fourth term. (The XXX refers to the department of your capstone advisor. In International Health, for example, this would be 220.800.) These two credits count toward the MPH degree, but not toward the concentration requirements.

Concentration Seminar

As part of the concentration and capstone experience, all students will be expected to participate in a year-long seminar series that will meet approximately once a month.

Faculty Concentration Directors

Courtland Robinson, PhD, Assistant Professor, International Health, 410-955-3892,

Shannon Doocy, PhD, Assistant Professor, International Health, 410-502-2628,