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Master of Public Health

Online/Part-time MPH

Our Online MPH is unparalleled with 100+ online courses developed by our outstanding faculty and exceptional team of curriculum designers.

Meet our students
& alumni

Chuka Anude
I have always wanted to be a hand and a voice; a hand to help hurting people and a voice for the voiceless. This led me to medicine and now to public health... Read More
Priya Mehra
For me the Bloomberg School is a place for greater self-discovery. My background in public health... Read More
Tom Edling
I have a BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University, DVM from Colorado State University, and a... Read More
Jennifer Cohn
I am currently an instructor in medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania... Read More
Somnazu Nwanze
I am a medical doctor, who graduated from the University of Benin, Nigeria. My latest assignment was with the Nigerian Youth Corps... Read More
Olga Joos
Born in Florida, but raised in both Europe and the U.S., I have a strong love for traveling which now compliments my interest in public health... Read More
Gregory Tung
The online MPH is a versatile degree that has been key in my professional development. I entered the program while working full-time as a hospital administrator... Read More
Jung-Im Shin
Who would have thought that I would end up at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health? Certainly not me... Read More
Luca Passerini
I am an Italian Medical Doctor with a passion for global health and social entrepreneurship, focusing on poverty-related diseases, child health and humanitarian action... Read More
Marie Curry
I began the part-time MPH program with the goal of using my research and analytical skills to further policies that improve health... Read More
Daniel Ehlman
I earned my MPH concentrating my coursework in Epidemiology and Biostatistics with a capstone project analyzing malaria data from Tanzania... Read More
I hope to help create a world where we all can grow older more gracefully.
-Daniel Schainholz

Students can complete the MPH on an part-time basis over a period of 2 to 3 years. The curriculum is very flexible, offering a wide variety of courses in a broad range of disciplines. Up to 80% of the course work may be completed through online courses. Students have the opportunity to connect with faculty and classmates during short, intensive 'institute' courses offered in 1 to 3 week formats. This provides an ideal approach for students who are unable to leave their current employment or relocate to Baltimore for study.

Online Courses

Launched in 1999, the online MPH is the first and most comprehensive online program. Our 100+ highly rated, rigorous online classes are taught by the same renowned faculty as our onsite courses. Online courses at the Bloomberg School follow the highest standards of instructional design. We encourage prospective students to browse through the complete list of online courses and to experience the course interface first-hand by participating in the non-credit Introduction to Online Learning course module free of charge.

An Opportunity to Connect

Online/Part-time students begin their program with a one-day on-campus orientation followed by the on-campus course, Problem Solving in Public Health. This initial experience involves either two weeks in Baltimore if starting in the June Summer Institute or the January Winter Institute, or one week in Barcelona if starting in the November Fall Institute.

Overall, students must complete at least 20% of the MPH course work (16 credits) in "face-to-face" on-campus courses, including the initial experience described above. "Face-to-face" course work can also be completed in any of the Summer, Fall or Winter Institute offerings. Typically, the on-campus time is a minimum of 4 weeks spread out over 2 to 3 years. However, there is no limit in the number of on-campus courses that an online/part-time student can take, including courses during 8-week academic terms.

Customized Curriculum

Students may customize the MPH curriculum, according to their individual goals and interests. The core curriculum comprises about 40% of the course work, thus more than half of the courses needed for degree completion can be electives. Students can focus their electives in one or more areas, choosing from over 200 diverse institute and online courses. As part of the MPH course work, students may participate in:




Courses on the 8-week academic term schedule provide additional opportunities to online/part-time students to customize their program of study if travel distance to the Bloomberg School is not an issue.

Getting Started

If you would like to discuss whether the online/part-time curriculum will meet your individual goals, please do not hesitate to contact an academic advisor.

When applying for the online/part-time approach to the MPH program, please make sure to reserve the dates for the corresponding matriculation period. Please see "On-Campus Requirement" above for a description of the matriculation options, and the MPH Admissions Information for specific upcoming start dates and application deadlines. Admission requirements are the same for online/part-time and full-time MPH study.It is possible for you to begin taking some courses as a non-degree student at the Bloomberg School prior to admission. Up to 16 credits may be applied toward the MPH degree, assuming that the courses were completed within 5 years of matriculation into the MPH program.

The Bloomberg School has partnered with Coursera to offer high-quality non-credit online mini courses. This global online learning opportunity is available to a wide student audience without tuition charge. The courses include online lectures, readings, discussion groups, assignments, and exams.

The OPENCOURSEWARE (OCW) project provides access to some of the Bloomberg School's most popular courses. We know that only a small portion of interested health professionals from around the globe have the opportunity to come to Baltimore. OCW provides an opportunity for you to gain unique insights into public health as a profession at no cost to you.

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition is charged on a per credit basis. Scholarships are available for our online/part-time students.

ANNOUNCEMENT: All new Online/Part-time MPH students beginning the program effective January 2016 will be awarded the new $20,000 Welch Scholarship

State-Specific Information for Online Programs

We currently are not accepting applications to the online/part-time Master of Public Health from students who reside in Kansas. In addition, students currently cannot conduct [externship activities] in Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, or Oregon. For more information, please contact an admissions representative. Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the MPH Program office.