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Interdepartmental Program in Health Economics

Interdepartmental Program in Health Economics

The Doctorate in Health Economics
The Doctorate in Health Economics
The PhD in Health Economics prepares doctoral students for conducting innovative research on the economics of health and healthcare. The curriculum emphasizes applied modern microeconomic theory, economic evaluation, quantitative methods, and econometrics applications.
The Certificate in Public Health Economics
The Certificate in Public Health Economics
The Certificate in Public Health Economics will interest public health professionals who are beginning their career as well as mid-career professionals who wish to use economic tools to improve the health of populations.
The MHS in Health Economics
The MHS in Health Economics
The MHS program is for students who are interested in developing a strong foundation in the methods necessary to promote the efficient and equitable allocation of resources in the provision of preventive and curative medicine across the globe.

The Interdepartmental Program in Health Economics (IPHE) is a collaboration between economics faculty between three departments at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Each of these departments offers concentrations in health economics at the Master’s and Doctoral level.

Research Highlights
Won the Golden Apple Teaching Award for 2015. Congrats to David for this award! Learn more
William Padula
Won the award at Academy Health for Best Dissertation. He joined the faculty of the Health Policy and Management Department in July, 2015
Medicare Essential: An Option to Promote Better Care
Karen Davis and colleagues publish Medicare reform proposal, Medicare Essential. Learn More
Lauren Nicholas
Lauren Nicholas
Is inducted in Alpha Chapter of the Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society. Congrats to Lauren for this award!
Assistant Professor David Dowdy wins the 2014 (Large Class) Golden Apple Award Learn more
Ian Salas
Receives Take Stock Hero award from the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition ( RHSC). Congrats to Ian for this award! Learn More
Cost of Employer Health Coverage
The Wall Street Journal interviews JHU Faculty on Trends in Health Care Premiums Learn more
Vaccine Financing
Dagna Constenla’s work leads to a set of recommendations on Developing Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Equitable Vaccine Introduction In The Americas: Focus on Dengue. Learn More
John F. P. Bridges
Advancing Stated-Preference Methods for Measuring the Preferences of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Learn More
Professor of Health Policy & Management & Economics, Duke University “Subjective Beliefs, Deterrence, and the Propensity to Drive While Intoxicated” Dec. 12 @ Hampton House Auditorium B14B
Upcoming Events

2016 HEALTH ECONOMICS SEMINARS 12-1:20pm, @ Hampton House B14B

  • March 24 - Jie Chen (Uni. of Maryland)
  • Apr. 1 - Rena Conti (Uni. of Chicago)
  • Apr. 15 - Thomas Getzen (Temple Uni.)
  • Apr. 22 - Lisa Dubay (Urban Inst.)
  • May 6 - Rena Conti (Uni. of Chicago)
  • May 13 - Joseph Terza (Indiana Uni. PUI)

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