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Johns Hopkins Institutes of Public Health

2015 Winter Institute Courses Offered in East Baltimore

Below you will find information on the courses offered on the Baltimore campus as part of the Winter Institute. The most reliable place to find up to date information about the Winter Institute courses is in the Bloomberg School's course catalog.

From the "Term" drop-down menu, select "Winter I," and then click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. You will be given a list of the courses offered in the Winter Institute, sorted by department.

Each course has a course description, as well as information about the time and dates the course is offered, and the name of the faculty member teaching the course, with a link to his or her entry in the JHSPH faculty directory. The catalog will also indicate whether there are any prerequisite courses you must take before enrolling in the course, and whether there are any restrictions on enrollment. 

Course NumberCourse TitleNumber of CreditsDates
550.608.13Problem- Solving in Public Health4Mornings, January 5-9 and January 12-16
410.650.13Introduction to Persuasive Communications: Theories and Practice4Mornings January 5-9 and January 12-16
223.686.13Child and Public Health in the Tropics4Mornings January 5-9 and January 12-16
182.621.13Introduction to Ergonomics4Mornings January 5-9 and January 12-14
223.660.13Tropical Medicine and Parasitology4Afternoons January 5-9 and January 12-16
182.615.13Airborne  Particles3Afternoons January 5-9 and January 12-16
221.615.13Health Emergencies in Large Populations (please visit this course's webpage, as special conditions apply)5All day, January 5-9 and January 12-16
309.600.13Evaluating Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Programs2All day, January 6-7
309.609.13Palliative and Hospice Care2All day, January 8-9
140.613.13Data Analysis Workshop 12Afternoons January 5-9
180.600.13Special Topics in Health and Human Rights: Public Health Implications of Health as a Human Right2Afternoons January 5-9
410.620.13Program Planning for Health Behavior Change3Afternoons January 5-9
140.886.13Introduction to R for Public Health Researchers2Mornings January 5-9
182.631.13Principles of Occupational Safety2Mornings January 5-9
221.667.13An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Health of American Indians3Mornings January 12-16
140.614.13Data Analysis Workshop II2Afternoons January 12-16
221.673.13Mental Health Care in American Indian Communities2Afternoons January 12-16
340.663.13Epidemiology Workshop: Interpreting and Using Epidemiologic Evidence2Afternoons January 12-16
260.606.13Major Global Infectious Diseases: Prospects for Control2

Afternoons January 12-16

410.682.13Integrating Children's Mental Health and Primary Care: A Social and Behavioral Science Perspective2Afternoons January 12-16