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Diversity & Inclusion


Members of the Committee on Equity, Diversity and Civility are appointed by the dean of the Bloomberg School.

Membership reflects the gender and minority interests of the larger Bloomberg School population.

At least six of these individuals are faculty members of various academic ranks. The remainder of the Committee members include at least three students, at least two staff members, a representative from the University whose responsibilities include institutional equity and a representative of the dean’s office.

The latter two members serve in an ex officio capacity. Bloomberg School faculty, staff and students who are members of the University's Diversity Leadership Council are also appointed to the Committee.

2013-2014 Membership


Cherita Hobbs
Senior Director of Human Resources

Michael Trush         
Professor, Environmental Health Sciences


Susan Williams
Dean’s Office


Betty Addison  (ex officio)
Senior Director of Student Life Services

Sheila Fitzgerald
Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

Fannie Fonseca-Becker, DrPH
Associate Scientist, Health, Behavior and Society

Darrell Gaskin
Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management

P.C. Huang
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Caroline Laguerre-Brown (ex officio)
Associate Provost and Director of the JHU Office of Institutional Equity

Tia Merriweather
Senior Human Resources Coordinator, Environmental Health Sciences

Ramin Mojtabai, MD, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor, Mental Health

Georgean Smith
Administrator, Health, Behavior and Society

Theresa Strawder
Sr. Employment Specialist/Diversity Recruitment Programs Coordinator

Karin Tobin, PhD, MHS
Associate Scientist, Health, Behavior and Society

Leslie Vink  (ex officio)
Director of Recruitment, Communications, and Events

Michael Ward  (ex officio)
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Cheri C. Wilson
Research Associate, Health Policy and Management

Natalie Wood-Wright
Assistant Director of Public Affairs