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Bloomberg American Health Initiative

Apply to be a Bloomberg Fellow

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The Bloomberg Fellows Program is a groundbreaking initiative to provide world-class training in public health to individuals engaged with organizations tackling critical challenges facing the United States.

Thank you for your interest in the Bloomberg Fellowship program. The application period is now closed. For information on the Bloomberg American Health Initiative and important dates, please visit our home page.

Bloomberg Fellows will each receive a Master in Public Health Degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland.  This academic program provides superb training in basic epidemiology and biostatistics, policy, environmental health and other key fields of public health. The full-time program is an 11-month program in Baltimore that starts at the end of June and ends in mid-May. The part-time program is largely completed through interactive online classes, with shorter periods of time spent on-campus and at the School's institutes, and typically takes two to three years to complete.

While studying at the Bloomberg School, the Fellows will have access to hundreds of expert faculty and hundreds of courses. They will concentrate their studies in one of the initiative's five focus areas: addiction and overdose;  environmental challenges; obesity and the food system;  risks to adolescent health; and violence.

Collaborating organizations are a critical part of the Bloomberg Fellows program.  Each Bloomberg Fellow applies along with a collaborating organization, establishing a relationship from the start between the Fellow, the organization, and the School.  During the academic program, the Fellow will work with the organization on the problem of interest. Following graduation, Bloomberg Fellows work for at least one year for their organizations, putting their new skills to use. These individuals and organizations will then join a growing network of scholarship, education, and practice devoted to using the tools of public health to address the problems of the 21st century.

Over time, the networks of Bloomberg Fellows and their collaborating organizations will grow in size and importance, bringing together a broad range of expertise to make progress on critical challenges facing the United States.



For accepted Bloomberg Fellows:

Conditions of Grant Award. In order to be entitled to receive your grant award:

  • Your Collaborating Organization must sign  a Collaborating Organization Support Letter; and
  • You must accept the grant award and its terms by completing and signing the Tuition Grant Agreement.

Terms of Grant Award. In exchange for the Grant Award, you agree:

  • To successfully complete the Masters of Public Health degree program; and
  • To work as a full time employee with your collaborating organization (or another collaborating organization approved by JHU) in your focus area of study for a period of one year following your completion of the requirements of the Master of Public Health program.  Your employment must commence within one year of your completing your degree requirements.
  • If you fail to satisfy either of the above terms, you will be required to repay the full amount of your grant award within ninety (90) days of such failure.   You may choose to enter into a loan arrangement (for a term not to exceed fifteen (15) years with interest at an annual rate of 1%) with JHU to repay the Grant, or you may choose repay the Grant in full from other sources.


  • Please direct any questions or inquiries to:
  • The forms of the Collaborating Organization Support Letter and the Tuition Grant Agreement will be made available upon request to applicants for the Bloomberg Fellows program.



Bloomberg Fellows Program FAQs