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Lydia Childs Eskridge
The Eskridge Family Student Support Fund for International Students supports the next generation of public health leaders from around the world. Learn More
Noel Rose, MD, PhD
The school places a high premium on discovering the science of public health, not just applying it. But in order to keep making new discoveries that can protect the lives and health of millions, we need the help of donors like Noel and Deborah Rose. Learn More
Lydia Wilbard, MPH 2011
The School provides over $30 million in student support every year to enable gifted students like Lydia Wilbard to attend. Your generosity will allow these future leaders to make a positive impact on the lives and health of many, many people. Learn More

Annual Giving chart

Profound shifts in the global economy and the traditional funding structure of medical and public health research make private support paramount for the Bloomberg School’s future.

A big thank-you to the 2,189 donors who made a gift in fiscal year 2013: we exceeded our new donor goal by 15 percent! It's great to have such a broad base of donors who give, on average, $100 each,
with the majority giving unrestricted support for the School's greatest needs each year. Whether you give $50 or $50,000, your choice to support our work in public health makes the difference. Every donor helps strengthen our foundation and advance our mission.

This year, we hope to inspire at least 2,500 new people, foundations and corporations to join us in saving lives, millions at a time.